“We break stuff, and we have to. We’re hired to figure out the difficult, maybe what others haven’t or can’t.”

Chris Paradysz:
Managing Partner
Co-founded and operated as co-CEO and Chief Growth Officer of ForwardPMX, the largest independent, global performance agency.

With extraordinary co-CEOs and partners, Chris has started up, invested in or acquired over 10 businesses. Teaching and developing leaders and entrepreneurs is a key ingredient and a lifetime passion.


Zac DelVecchio:
Sr. Strategist
With a deep background within music, technology and marketing, Zac has blended the world of entrepreneurialism and art to develop his own style of design and creation.  As a co-founder of several businesses, Zac has a deep knowledge of development, creation, marketing and technical solutions. Coupled with his abilities for analysis Zac tailors custom solutions around the specific needs of each product from a data and creative perspective
Boutique agency, founded by CEO Danny Youssef, is an integrated shop bringing top talent to
digital strategy and execution for creative, content and media efforts. Its approach allows for rapid
testing and experimentation without the lag typical of large agencies. Their brand sensitivity is
important, and they bring that point of view to every project.
Michelle Gobbi
Creative Director
Michelle is a Pennsylvania based Creative Director, helping brands create authentic, rewarding
experiences. With an extensive background in branding, print, UX/UI design, and marketing, she
has had the pleasure of working with industry-leading companies such as Apple, Disney, Lowe’s,
The Vanguard Group, Lutron Electronics, and many others. Michelle has directed and managed
teams of creative professionals, ensuring that visual problem solving, communication, and
brand standards are met.
Matt Stambaugh
Film Director, Stambaugh Films
Highly skilled film making developed by Matt and his team of creators, editors and
copy experts, their work is sought after by top brands for events, documentaries, interviews, and
universities. Matt has extraordinary knowledge of the technical aspects of filming – cameras, lighting,
staging, shot preparation, team components and needed contributions. Red Bull, Under Armour, NBX,
Hershey, Microsoft, are important clients among others.

Stambaugh Films

Alan Kittle
An intersectional thinker and creative problem solver, Alan consults on brand strategy and development, omnichannel customer engagement and platform concepts, content art direction and more. With the ability to deliver an ideas-first, channel second mindset, he sits effortlessly alongside agency or client teams to add value with “outsights”. Samsung, Google, Bank of America, Cigna, Pfizer, Stella Artois and so many more clients on his roster.
Zach Campbell
Film Director, Campbell Films
In addition to film making, Zach is expert in editing and pulling together a client’s entire
story through all of its assets, from visual and audible to music. He finds that thread that creates it. How
a brand and person is reflected and contextualized matters, immensely. He works highly efficiently and
is highly capable of working on complex projects across categories.

Campbell Films

“You hire us. You get us”