A Letter From The Managing Partner

May 1 st , 2020

A Letter from Chris Paradysz, Managing Director

It’s a new day. Yesterday, we launched a new company, The Advisory Labs. It
specializes in Innovation and Redesigning the Future for consumer and luxury brands, and nonprofits.

With a heavy heart and conflicting emotions about starting a business now, it is the right time. The sense of mission couldn’t be higher or the need any greater.

But, first, I need to thank my past co-workers and partners for their incredible passion and devotion and for always, always pushing to be better. For clients, their needs, the company, and the broader community. From Hurricane Sandy and 9/11, blackouts, shootings in the US and humble acts of grace, you have always left others with inspiration, and me awestruck with wonder. My gratitude soars. I hope you all feel that you’ve been doing important work. Traveling and sitting in meetings across the globe, I can definitely say that you have been, and still are.

The Advisory Labs’ beginnings were borne out of much reflection and an inflection, the realization that the economic roll we were on wasn’t making sense. After lots of reading, studying and spending time alone, it seemed to me that we were beginning a new phase that would require new skills for companies and a hard look at reality. It’s where organizations of any kind must pause and let go..of history, what was, even what is now, so that a new design can emerge and be developed.

‘Recalibrate, Redefine, Re-Imagine Your Future’, Or, maybe it’s the last phase. It didn’t really matter to me.

There is a very small margin of time, patience, and money, to do the work necessary. But, to reset a profitable future and, more importantly, provide for what’s essential in product, service and mission, we must realize that this is our Why. Our Truth. The core. I’d say, it’s actually our Divinity.

With an intense focus on very few priorities, here goes.

Thank you.